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Senior Transportation
In Home Care

Senior Transportation to your Doctor?

Our drivers strive to safely get you to your appointment "On Time, or It's Free." 

  Leave the driving to your Helper! 

We will have you to your appointment on time or YOU PAY NOTHING! 

Schedule your next transport today! 
We gladly schedule up to a year in advance      
@ 772-343-0902


  • Helpers Take You Home Service
  • "Live Ins" to be there for you 24/7/365
  • Transportation to Medical appointments
  • Companions & Sitters, Only a 1 hour minimum
  • Medication reminders
  • Helpers Senior Moving & Relocation Service, Into/Out of Assisted and Independent Living Facilities
  • Class A Luxury Motor Home Transport
  • Grocery Pick-up and Delivery
  • Bill paying and Bookkeeping
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Airport Transportation with a Companion to assist through security and all the way to the gate. We stay with you until your flight departs. Then we contact your family at your destination.
  • Birthday Surprise Celebration
  • We Do Windows cleaning
  • Golf Buddies
  • Fishing Buddies
  • Home Management Service for repair, upkeep, general maintenance, overseeing everything 
  • Ebay sales of your treasures
  • Speedy Handyman Service
  • Daily or weekly phone call check in
  • Email updates for out of area family members

When dealing with Helpers inc, you are dealing with a Helper.  Not someone contracted through several other out of state, or even out of country companies who just want a cut of the action. 
This helps us maintain our very economical pricing structure. 
For example, the cost of our Helpers LIVE INS will cost you
from $40 to $70.00 A DAY less than our competitors.

We provide what the huge mega companies simply cannot:

The finest individuals, caring,
career minded, pick of the industry.  

Every appointment confirmed. We show up on time.

Text and Email updates to family who live out of area.

Step-by-Step intake process that involves the entire family whenever possible.

No-Nonsense-Happy to Help You F-A-S-T
with a compassionate caring staff of Helpers. 

Still have your car but need a driver?

Order a driver from Helpers!

You can put your trust in us.

We can send a driver to drive your car, and take you anywhere you wish to go.

Very economical.

Call to schedule

No longer have your car?

Giving up your car does not mean giving up your independence!

We can schedule your very own HELPER to take you to your appointment.

In a day where big corporations assign account numbers and impose lengthy minimums on seniors in order for them to get the assistance that they need.  

Helpers is please to offer our Live IN, Companion and Sitter services with


Not everyone needs a minimum
4 hours a day,
4 days a week,
with 4 different persons showing up!

These are the industry standard minimums,
but not at Helpers!

We offer what you need, not what corporate says you need!

Don't give up your home or your independence!

With a little help,

You CAN stay in your home!

Independence is very important for seniors today.

Recent surveys suggest that 98% of those surveyed stated that they would prefer to remain in their home if at all possible.

Call us


We are "Happy to Help!"
You stay in your home!

Welcome to Helpers!

Having worked in the senior care/health care industry for the past 42 years, my Helpers and I stand committed to bring you or your loved one caring compassionate "one on one" help and assistance as we continue our mission of

Whether it is a simple ride to the Doctor or someone to be there with you from 1 hour up to 24/7.  Helpers will be there.
Zack Loveday, Pres. Helpers inc. 



Registered by AHCA
The Agency for Health Care Administration
License #227813

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REAL Elder Care Value
"Value" isn't the lowest price...

"Value" is knowing that your aging loved ones are in the best care possible...
We provide the best in-home care possible, and according to local surveys, at prices well below the industry standard...

Mention our web site and
$10.00 off your
first invoice with us.

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Last week we Helped 4 Seniors re-locate to their new homes at Assisted and Independent Living Facilities.
Let us help you too! 

We have Helped over 5,000 Seniors
to their new homes.

At Helpers we recently added an additional crew of professional relocation experts.  We now have the capability to do
4 moves a day.
Call to check availability. 

Remember with Helpers Relocation Service we will always gladly come back and re-arrange anything that we moved in at NO COST. "FREE!"  Anytime, period!

Complete re-location service for Seniors.  Packing, breakdown, load/unload, complete setup. 

All boxes and wardrobes are FREE!



At Helpers we know that you can't afford to make a bad decision about who you hire to provide the best care for yourself or your loved ones, so we do everything in our power to make sure this is one of the smartest and best decisions you have ever made.

FREE In Home Consultation
Offered by the many agencies out there. 
(Also known as a captive marketing pitch)
I personally have never liked
PUSHY sales people.

Picking the right caregiver can be overwhelming.  Helpers can help.  While most service providers spend your time selling you all the services they want you to buy,  Helpers listens closely to your exact needs and provides only the help you need and want.

Come sing with us!

Celebrating our 17th Anniversary Helping Seniors!

We have the best Helpers and we guarantee it!


Don't be SCAMMED!
Recently we learned of a client who had been scammed out of over $100,000
Seems this lady started receiving phone calls and was befriended by these scam artist.  Over time they convinced her that they were working with the United States Government and that they needed her help to catch some very bad people. 
They needed to use cash to catch these people and they asked for her help to loan them the money. 
She did just that. 
She met them at the local -Mart store and purchased these GreenDot cards.  Over time she spent over $150,000 on these cards giving them to the scammers.  

She thought she was helping.
Sad to say that she never saw them again.

Please don't give personal info to anyone on the phone that you do not know or that you did not initiate the phone call.


Recently while visiting my Father In Law we were sitting talking when the phone rang.  He has one of those amplified phones so I could hear what the person on the line was saying to him. 
She was from the bank and was trying to get him to agree to receiving a credit card.  He went on with her for a good while saying he didn't need a credit card. 

She kept insisting how good it would be for
him to have one.

After about 10 minutes on the phone he told her that if he could not afford to pay cash for something that he wanted then he just didn't need it. 
(I wish more people today would think like this.) 
She kept on.  Then he reached for his check book.  When I saw that I moved closer as I was just going to hang up the phone if he started giving her the account number......

He looked in his check register and told the lady once again that he had enough money to make it by and he did not want her credit card.
She finally accepted his refusal and said good bye.  
This after about 20 minutes on the phone
trying to wear him down.

DON'T DO IT!      Just say 'NO THANKS"


With over 40 years of Senior care
health care expertise.

HelperZack will help YOU secure your independence!
     In your own home or at a facility!       
WHY NOT LIVE where you wish!

 Call and speak with Zack Loveday today!
Helpers inc.......
Florida: 772-343-0902
Tennessee: 865-622-3090


A recent AARP survey found that a significant majority of Americans over the age of 50 say that as they retire, they would prefer to “age in place,” by either staying in their current home or moving  to one nearby. 

Let us help you
"age wonderfully in place."

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